The Water Industry Talent Crisis: How Transcend is Stepping in to Save the Day

The water industry is experiencing a major talent crisis, and it’s threatening to bring the entire sector to a grinding halt. With an aging workforce, a lack of interest from younger generations, and competition for talent from other industries, the need for solutions that can fill the gap has never been more urgent.

Fortunately, Transcend is stepping in with its innovative technology to bridge this gap and help the water industry get back on track.

In this blog post, we’ll explore how Transcend is helping address the talent crisis in the water industry. 

There’s Currently A Talent Shortage In The Water Industry

In the U.S., the median age of water industry workers is 48 years old, with 30-50% of these professionals nearing retirement in the next 5 to 10 years. This means that the sector is in danger of becoming understaffed, with fewer experienced workers taking over the reins from their predecessors.

To maintain a competitive environment, the water industry needs to attract fresh talent to ensure operational efficiency remains high. However, there are several reasons why this is challenging:

Causes Of The Talent Shortage In The Water Industry

Understanding the causes of the talent shortage can help us identify solutions for addressing it. The main causes of this crisis include:

1. Aging Workforce

As mentioned before, the median age of water industry professionals is high and many experienced workers are nearing retirement. The workforce needs to be replenished with younger professionals who can take over when older workers retire.

2. Lack Of Interest In The Field Among Younger Generations

The water industry is not seen as a desirable career path among younger generations due to the lack of awareness and promotion. Plus, many other industries have the financial and marketing resources to attract the best talent, making them more attractive than those working in the water industry.

3. The Water Industry May Not Be Well-Known Or Well-Publicized

The water industry is often overshadowed by more glamorous and prestigious industries like tech and finance. As a result, the industry may not receive enough recognition and attention to draw in new talent.

4. Competition For Talent From Other Industries

The water industry is facing stiff competition from other industries for talent, as they may offer higher salaries and prestige or better benefits. This can make it difficult for the water industry to compete and attract top talent.

How Transcend Can Help

Transcend is committed to helping the water industry address this talent crisis by providing cutting-edge technology to transform the way utilities, engineers, and equipment suppliers assess and design critical infrastructure like water and wastewater treatment plants..

The Transcend Design Generator (TDG) helps wastewater plant owners, engineers and designers achieve higher performance, increased revenue, and faster design cycles at a fraction of the cost and time traditionally needed. Now,  designers and engineers have more time to focus on more complex and detailed design work, allowing them to take the water industry to new, sustainable heights.

Transcend Design Generator Simplifies Many Tasks

Transcend Design Generator is a powerful software that creates unique design models of wastewater treatment plants with ease. It helps designers, engineers, and plant owners quickly create accurate models that align with their operational needs and help reduce design time.

Our software allows users to quickly and easily design wastewater plants with features such as:

1. Simple User Interface

Whether you have beginner or expert wastewater engineering skills, you can quickly understand and use Transcend Design Generator’s simple user interface. It is designed to be user-friendly and intuitive, allowing users to effectively design wastewater treatment plants with high accuracy.

Starting with simple parameters input, Transcend Design Generator generates a customized optimized design layout with all the necessary components of the plant. 

2. Process Design Simulator

Transcend Design Generator provides users with a process design simulator that helps them quickly and accurately model the processes taking place in the wastewater treatment plant. With comprehensive proprietary influent, effluent, and regional databases, it can help reduce design time and improve efficiency.

Chemical, biological, physical, and technical processes can all be simulated and validated, allowing users to create models that meet their operational requirements. What’s more, TGD allows state and dynamic modeling, enabling users to model daily and seasonal fluctuations in the plant.

3. Equipment Selection

Transcend Design Generator makes it easy to select the right equipment for your wastewater treatment plant, once you have completed the process simulation. By inputting the decision algorithm, the software allows users to see different types of equipment such as process units, mixers, reactor tanks, and clarifiers.

TGD then selects the size and the piece of equipment to optimize the plant performance, while still taking into account the operational constraints and cost.

4. Abstract Building Modeling

Once you have determined the process and the equipment, TGD can generate a virtual model of the wastewater treatment plant. Now, you can easily visualize and place all the elements of the facility in a defined space.

The virtual model helps give users a clear view of how the facility would look in reality. With optimized generative design algorithms, you can create a sophisticated model, while finalizing detailed specifications.

5. Building Information Model (BIM)

Using BIM (Building Information Modeling), the Transcend Design Generator helps you create a detailed 3D model of the wastewater treatment facility with a CAD-based system. From creating databases to generating 3D models, the accurate and detailed representation of the plant helps users make informed decisions.

These comprehensive databases contain all engineering requirements such as dimensions, surface properties, and loads. This allows users to quickly identify any potential problems with the wastewater treatment plant before it is even constructed.

6. Drawing Generator Module

The Transcend Design Generator features a drawing generator module that helps users generate drawings of the plant for all necessary documents such as the process schemes and piping and instrumentation diagrams.

This module allows users to quickly and easily create highly accurate models that align with their operational needs.

Attracting And Retaining New Talent With Cutting Edge Technology

Attracting and retaining new talent in the water industry can be difficult due to the talent crisis, especially with vast technological changes occurring in infrastructure design. With Transcend Design Generator, however, skills and knowledge gaps can be easily bridged.

The software makes it easier for new talent to understand the design of a wastewater treatment plant, thanks to its simple user interface, process design simulator, and abstract building modeling. TDG makes it easier for new talent to quickly get up to speed with the latest treatment technologies and make more informed decisions about the solution their engineers are proposing.

Further, new engineers and talented individuals are looking to use innovative technologies as part of their day jobs, especially if they’ve come from outside the water sector. We’ve heard from our clients that they are not only happier in their day-to-day using our tools, but find their work more exciting and interesting because TDG has taken care of the basic tasks they hated doing (does anyone really like manipulating word documents??).

The Future Of Critical Infrastructure Design

The water industry is facing a talent crisis, and Transcend Design Generator is part of the solution. By making it easier for new talent to understand and design wastewater treatment plants, the software helps bridge the knowledge gap and ensures that critical infrastructure projects are completed on time.

If you are looking for a solution to help you with the water industry talent crisis, Transcend Design Generator is the answer. Book your free demo today and see just how easy it is to create a wastewater treatment plant design.


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