How Using Generative Design Software Leads To Better Project Management

Generative design is revolutionizing the way we approach product design and project management. By leveraging powerful software and generative design algorithms, generative design allows for the exploration of a near-infinite range of options, quickly and easily.

This technology can help us deliver more creative outcomes faster than ever before, while also helping to improve the project management process. 

What Is Generative Design?

Generative design is an iterative process of creating new and innovative designs in a matter of minutes, powered by software, AI, & complex algorithms. With generative design software, a user defines the design criteria and constraints for the project, and then the software does the rest. It quickly generates a range of permutations based on your parameters – taking into account factors such as cost, performance, weight, and time – to maximize the design outcome.

How Does Generative Design Software Work?

Generative design software works in two stages. First, it collects data from a range of sources such as design requirements and constraints, material properties, cost considerations, 3D models, and more. It then runs a series of calculations to generate an optimal solution based on the defined criteria.

Generative design differs from parametric design in that it goes beyond simple parameter editing to explore the entire design space in real-time. This means that instead of just manipulating existing structures and shapes, generative design helps you create entirely new, unique iterative designs from the ground up.

Using Generative Design Software Leads to Better Project Management

Generative design software can help improve project management in various ways. Here are five key benefits you can expect when using a generative design tool:

1. The Client, Contractor, Manufacturer, And Stakeholders Can Be Included In An Integrated Process

As with any project, ensuring each stakeholder is on the same page is key to successful outcomes. With generative design software, everyone involved in a project can be included in a single integrated design process. This makes it easier to coordinate inputs and collaborate on the design without losing any fidelity along the way.

2. The Client Can See The Solution Before Even Getting Started

Generative design tools allow customers to get an idea of the potential solution before the project starts. This means that they can make decisions on the most suitable design and have a better understanding of what’s possible, without having to wait for the end product.

This level of transparency not only adds clarity to the project but also provides a sense of security to the client, as they can be more assured that the design will meet their expectations. In the case of Transcend, this means project developers, master planning leaders, and engineering managers can quickly assess options at the beginning of projects, rather than after the bid or tender is completed.

3. The First Stages In a Project Become More Creative

Generative design software can be used to identify and explore new possibilities faster than ever before. This helps designers make more informed decisions early on, while also opening the door for more creativity in the early stages of a project.

By being able to experiment with a range of options without having to worry about the details, stakeholders can evaluate options that they didn’t have the time or budget to evaluate before… leading to better outcomes for the end user.

4. Engineers Interact With The Software To Create Superior Designs and Drive Product Innovation More Quickly

Generative design tools offer engineers the opportunity to interact directly with software. This can open up new pathways for engineers to explore and create more innovative designs.

By having the ability to quickly experiment with parameters and material properties, engineers can come up with superior solutions and drive product innovation more quickly.

5. Generative Design Setup Is Easier Than Ever, And Fully Integrated Into The Design Environment

Generative design software has become easier than ever to set up and use. By utilizing an integrated workflow, designers can quickly create a generative design model from an existing 3D CAD model. This eliminates the need for manual setup and allows them to quickly explore a variety of potential solutions.

With this benefit, generative design technology can be the smooth, integrated link between a designer’s creative ideas and the final product.

Improve Your Project Management With A Generative Design Software

Generative design software offers a range of benefits to project management. From an integrated process that includes all stakeholders to the ability to explore and experiment with new possibilities, generative design tools can help you achieve superior results faster than ever before.

Transcend Design Generator is the leading generative design software for engineers, and manufacturers. With our intuitive interface and integrated workflow, it’s never been easier to turn your ideas into reality.

Start exploring the possibilities with Transcend Design Generator today and see how generative design can take your project management process to the next level.


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