The Future of Wastewater Treatment Series: Jacksonville, FL

This article is part of our feature on the future of wastewater in the U.S.’s fastest growing metro areas. We’re using the Transcend Design Generator to automatically build, expand, or upgrade regional wastewater treatment systems in each of these regions.

Addressing the rapidly increasing population of Jacksonville, which includes Duval (#37) and St. Johns (#57) counties, Transcend Design Generator (TDG) is at the forefront of crafting sustainable wastewater management solutions. With a combined population growth of approximately 220,000 residents from 2010 to 2020, the area demands an increased wastewater treatment capacity, roughly 15 MGD.

To meet this, TDG will design two main treatment plants, one handling 10 MGD and the other 5 MGD. Unlike the flatter southern parts of Florida, Jacksonville’s varied topography requires the division of capacities. Despite the two separate facilities, our design strategy will continue to prioritize minimal land impact to maintain the area’s natural beauty.

Our advanced design software will facilitate the creation of plants incorporating primary clarifiers for initial wastewater treatment. This step enhances efficiency by settling out suspended solids and reducing the load on subsequent stages.

Next, Sequential Batch Reactors (SBRs) will be incorporated for the main biological treatment phase. The SBR process offers operational flexibility and efficiency, making it an excellent choice for the varied loads expected in a growing population area.

Chemical disinfection will be the final treatment step, ensuring the safety of the treated water before discharge. All these stages are designed to provide a thorough treatment process within a compact footprint, minimizing environmental impact.

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