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ADB Reduced Risk and Optimized Planning with 5x More Options using Generative Design



Rayerbazar WWTP is a new plant being planned by Dhaka WASA & proposed for Asian Development Bank (ADB) funding. The biggest risk factors for this project were the cost and time related to land constraints and acquisition. Dhaka is a dense city and it was imperative that the footprint of this WWTP be minimized as much as possible.

ADB uses TDG

ADB uses TDG

  • TDG enabled ADB and Dhaka WASA to generate 10+ concept design options, compared to 2-3 options typically evaluated for a project.
  • Compact WWTP site-specific options included features like deeper reaction tanks, rectangular vs. circular clarifiers, and a phased facility build-out.

Key Wins

  • Reduced project risk with 5x more compact design options
  • Streamlined project planning with data-driven insights
  • Expedited decision-making from 8-10 months to 8-12 weeks
Key Wins

“With Transcend’s generative design capabilities, we identified options that reduced project risk and cost by minimizing the facility’s footprint. Transcend sped up our decision-making by generating actionable data, including CAPEX, OPEX, and footprint information within hours.”

– Momoko Nitta, Senior Urban Development Specialist at Asian Development Bank

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