Transcend and Royal HaskoningDHV Form Partnership to Accelerate the Adoption of Innovative Wastewater Treatment Technologies

The collaboration between Transcend and Royal HaskoningDHV aims to accelerate the deployment of Royal HaskoningDHV’s Nereda® wastewater treatment technology as part of Transcends Preferred OEM Programme.

October 10th, 2022

Transcend, a provider of generative design SaaS tools for critical Infrastructure through the Transcend Design Generator (“TDG”), and Royal HaskoningDHV, an independent consultancy which integrates 140-years of engineering expertise with digital technologies and software solutions, have announced a strategic partnership to support the wider adoption of Transcend’s TDG and the Royal HaskoningDHV’s Nereda® wastewater treatment technology within the water sector.

Through this collaboration, Royal HaskoningDHV and Transcend intend to demonstrate the power of generative design to drive innovation in the capital planning process for water and wastewater facilities. This will enable Utilities/Asset Owners, Engineering Procurement and Construction (EPC), and Engineering Service Providers (ESPs)  to assess more design options and get to a better and more accurate answer (I.e., CAPEX, OPEX or Carbon Footprint) in 90% less time than using traditional design methods.

“Transcend’s mission is to leverage generative design software to speed up the development of sustainable infrastructure in order to fight climate change and positively impact people’s lives,” said Ari Raivetz, CEO of Transcend.  “Royal HaskoningDHV offers one of the most advanced wastewater treatment technologies in the industry.  By including the Nereda technology into TDG through this cooperation, any user of the TDG base platform will be enabled to rapidly size and assess benefits of Nereda® plants for their next wastewater treatment project.”

Nereda® technology is sustainable and cost-effective. It requires a quarter of the area of conventional activated sludge installations and the process can reduce up to 50% on energy costs. The award-winning technology was invented by the Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands and developed in a unique public-private partnership between the University, the Dutch Foundation for Applied Water Research (STOWA), Dutch Water Authorities and Royal HaskoningDHV. This collaboration is part of Transcend’s newly formed Preferred OEM Programme, which enables  suppliers in the water/wastewater industries to gain rapid market exposure for their treatment technologies by placing it in front of existing TDG clients who are some of the largest consulting engineering firms and asset owners in the world.

The collaboration further supports Royal HaskoningDHV’s worldwide rollout of the of the Nereda technology that started in 2005 and was recognized by Global Water Intelligence as most important wastewater breakthrough technology of the last decade. João Almeida, Director Business Unit Water Technology Products: “Transcend’s design generator is a fast and accessible web-based tool that makes it easy to compare features of water technologies. While we continue to rely on our market leadership and delivery partners across the world to demonstrate and communicate the benefits of our technologies, through this collaboration with Transcend we aim to reach an even broader community of wastewater asset owners and engineering firms and help them during initial optioneering and feasibility studies with a proper like-for-like comparison between Nereda and other treatment techniques.”

Users working with TDG can now automatically generate complete, accurate conceptual designs for a variety of water and wastewater treatment facilities including editable design documents that are native to the tools engineers already use – (e.g., Autodesk® Revit®, AutoCAD®, Microsoft Office & Excel, and others).   The initial focus of the cooperation with Royal HaskoningDHV is to generate options for Greenfield Nereda facilities on new or existing sites, with plans to expand to retrofit and other configurations in the future.  Royal HaskoningDHV’s Nereda technology has already been selected at over 90 plants across 20 countries worldwide and offers a sustainable, high-quality, wastewater treatment solution.

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