Transcend Joins SWAN Forum

Accelerating Digital Innovation for the Conceptual Conceptual Design of Water & Wastewater Treatment Facilities

Princeton, New Jersey – Transcend, a global software company that exists to transform the way engineering companies, utilities, and technology providers assess and design water & wastewater treatment works, has officially joined the Smart Water Networks Forum (SWAN) – an organization that brings together key players in the water sector to accelerate the awareness and adoption of innovative digital technologies to help secure the future of water around the world.

Transcend’s participation in SWAN enables fellow members and key industry stakeholders to benefit from its cutting-edge software tool, the Transcend Design Generator (TDG), to alleviate bottlenecks associated with the assessment and design of water and wastewater treatment plants and their associated equipment.

Transcend was founded to assist water utilities, equipment suppliers, and EPC’s in helping transform their culture by adopting design software that automates the conceptual engineering for a variety of wastewater treatment plants and their associated equipment. Transcend Design Generator (TDG) allows these organizations to cut costs, increase revenue (by bidding on more projects, faster, and with more detail), and free up engineers to evaluate innovative technologies and sustainable design approaches.

“TDG is the platform that links the technology provider, the engineering company that has to validate the design, and the end-user, which may be a utility, a real estate developer, or an industrial organization that will eventually own the asset. We help speed innovation & alternatives analyses – streamlining the sales process, expediting engineering work without sacrificing quality, and delivering the optimal outcome for asset owners during the conceptual design phase of a project. As a SWAN Member, we look forward to working with industry experts to deliver solutions through our unique platform, as well using real-time data and technology to diagnose and transcend design engineering bottlenecks across the water sector.” – Transcend CEO, Ari Raivetz

Among several benefits of employing this technology, the most significant is the elimination of bottlenecks during the conceptual design phase of wastewater treatment plant upgrades, rehabilitations, and greenfield builds. TDG creates bespoke preliminary designs of wastewater treatment facilities by automatically combining decisions and calculations from each engineering field (process, mechanical, civil, architectural, electrical, control, and automation).

TDG generates a dozen or more engineering documents and drawings, including

editable BIM models, CAPEX/OPEX calculations, PFDs, 3D views, and more. With a

365-day simulation with diurnal flow, the user can adopt a real-time analytical approach

to selecting the optimum design, rather than waiting weeks or months for each iteration.

Furthermore, TDG accelerates digital twin initiatives by automatically creating a

baseline digital twin of a wastewater treatment plant with its state-of-the-art asset

mapping and biological process modeling capabilities. This cutting-edge platform

generates designs for new or improved MBR, MBBR, CAS, or IFAS technologies.

“In recent years, we’ve seen a sharp interest and increased adoption rate of smart wastewater solutions. Well beyond compliance, solutions that optimize plant performance and mitigate design costs provide additional value to the extended SWAN member ecosystem. With that, we’re proud to welcome Transcend into our global community of smart water innovators” – SWAN Forum Execuative Director, Amir Cahn

About the SWAN Forum

The Smart Water Networks Forum (SWAN) is the leading global hub for the smart water

sector, accelerating the awareness and adoption of data-driven technologies in water

and wastewater networks worldwide. A UK-based non-profit organization, SWAN brings

together key players in the water sector to collaborate and share knowledge while

offering access to cutting-edge research, global networking opportunities, and the ability

to proactively influence the future of the water industry.

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About Transcend

Transcend is a company built by wastewater engineers and computer programmers,

transforming the way critical water infrastructure is assessed and designed. Their cloud-based SaaS platform, the Transcend Design Generator (TDG), alleviates bottlenecks in

conceptual design processes by automating the preliminary design of water and

wastewater treatment facilities. By streamlining the engineering and decision-making

that goes into selecting, sizing, and designing equipment; project alternatives can be

considered in the early stages of projects with designs being selected for optimal

scenarios like CAPEX, TOTEX, Carbon impact, land use, and others.


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