What to Expect When You’re Implementing TDG

All of us in the water industry want to deliver better water outcomes for people around the world, which in the end means access to sustainable sanitation services for everyone. If we can evaluate more technologies and options, assess the risks, and improve the quality of water we are putting back in the environment, we can transform the way we deliver treatment services!

That’s where Transcend comes in.

Transcend Design Generator (TDG) was originally built by wastewater engineers who wanted to develop a faster way to evaluate options and deliver innovative, successful outcomes to water utilities around the world. The team saw the immense potential in helping companies ‘optioneer’ and evaluate alternative treatment technologies earlier in the process, allowing innovations to break through and scale.

OEMs play a central role in manufacturing and delivering technologies for wastewater treatment. They are at the center of bringing wastewater innovations to the market and scaling their adoption around the world. We work with a variety of OEMs to develop tools to optimize their go-to-market processes and incorporate their products into the platform. We especially love working with early-stage OEMs who are bringing new technologies to improve wastewater treatment processes.

Digital transformation is a process that takes time and requires incremental gains through consistent change management. Our clients take a phased approach when implementing Design Generator into their sales and engineering workflows.

Below is a guide on the progression of our OEM customers with implementing and scaling Design Generator:

A Customer Success Manager (CSM) is assigned to every client. They are responsible for ensuring a smooth journey as you on board and adopt the product, from the moment you sign on with Transcend.

1. Choose a wastewater product offering to configure TDG

a. Choose a starting product for TDG – a product you are looking to scale and have some bottlenecks in the sales process.

b. Typically, a product with a well-defined design basis is chosen to make the process of configuring the tool faster and more accurate. As an example, an MBR supplier might choose to streamline their selection & sizing of bioreactor tanks and equipment and share with us the rules and the proposal that are currently created manually.

2. Configure delivery of Budgetary Proposals in TDG for chosen product

a. Start with using TDG to make your budgetary proposal process increasingly efficient and standardized.

b. There is often a bottleneck with limited engineering resources to respond to client proposal requests in a timely and competitive fashion.

c. Transcend’s wastewater process team collaborates with your engineering team to identify calculations and decisions in TDG that will need to be configured and we prioritize these based on your input.

d. Transcend then completes the configuration so you have YOUR version of TDG! We do most of the work – all we need from you is to test and confirm the configuration.

e. We ensure that TDG reliably outputs accurate budgetary proposals with the details required at this stage of the sales process.

3. Scale the adoption of TDG across sales and engineering

a. Once your engineering team signs off on TDG, Transcend partners with you to train the sales team(s) on using TDG to generate budgetary proposals for the chosen product.

b. Transcend conducts regular check-ins with all users of the tool to collect feedback and ensure the users receive consistent, accurate outputs from TDG.

c. TDG alleviates the bottleneck on the engineering teams and allows them to focus on more complex projects.

d. The sales team is empowered to generate more proposals and respond to clients faster, allowing you to develop competitive advantages in the market.

4. Ongoing Support

a. A “core” team is established on both sides – your Transcend CSM will schedule a regular biweekly cadence for the core team to stay connected and address updates, feedback, and any issues that come along.

b. Instantly incorporate product improvements and changes into design calculations and proposals, thus gaining maximum leverage from R&D efforts.

c. Your CSM will send you a monthly report of your usage, including an overview of the designs ran, a breakdown of the projects by product/region, and users that are most active.

At this stage, our OEM clients have the following options to continue to scale TDG:

5. Expand the document outputs beyond budgetary proposals for the existing product

a. This includes additional design documents such as P&IDs, civil drawings, and process diagrams. The goal is to deliver document packages that are competitive, address client needs, and differentiate your offering.

b. Our clients choose documents that will scale:

i. Later stages of the sales process (such as responding to an RFP)

ii. Generating documents for EPC partners as they incorporate your technology into their designs

6. Choose the next wastewater product to scale using TDG

a. You likely have other products that are good candidates for TDG, and we follow the process outlined above to

b. There are economies of scale with each subsequent product. The forward momentum from the initial implementation leads to faster configuration and adoption as we continue to expand!

These options can be executed simultaneously or in progression, depending on your business priorities. We support you all the way from having a few initial users in TDG, to expanding to your commercial teams, to TDG being a key design tool across your products!

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We are more than just a vendor. We are your partners who strive to meet your strategic business goals with our platform. Generating budgetary proposals with speed and accuracy is critical to your competitiveness in the water market. Transcend Design Generator enables you to generate high-quality, accurate engineering proposals in minutes, alleviating engineering bottlenecks and shifting hours to detailed design and project execution work. We look forward to working with you to transform your design processes to optimize outcomes for your customers. Transcend your future today, by incorporating TDG into your engineering practices to streamline budgetary proposals within minutes!


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