What’s new in TDG, March releases (part 1)

Written by: Anna Bátki, Product Marketer

Spring is here, and along with it a very long list of new features and improvements that TDG users – especially process engineers – can leverage. Let’s dive into it!

First – Wastewater updates!

The Transcend team implemented a wide variety of process & mechanical related items.

Created Separate Primary and Prebiology fields

In the Project setup, we’ve separated Primary and Prebiology into two lists, where:

  • everything except UASB is considered Primary, and
  • Prebiology has two options: None or UASB.

This allows for more control over design outcomes.

Increased maximum allowed capacity

We’ve increased the maximum allowed capacity to 300 MLD.

Assuming 300 MLD as a max average flow, the daily peak can go up to 3×300=900 MLD, while the wet weather peak is allowed to be as high as 6×300=1800 MLD. Without an EQ tank, a 1200 MLD flow is the max peak that can be treated.

Updates for U.K. utility asset standards

This update includes grit removal, screenings, and updated Secondary Clarifier calculations.

The existing logic for Grit removal remains the same when the user leaves the default “Optimized selection by design rules” for the type of grit removal in the existing UI field, both in the case of Grit Removal and Screenings.

  • Then, if the user selects a preferred type of grit removal, they are asked to additionally confirm the minimum number of grit removal units and the specific production rate.
  • The same goes for selecting their own number of screening stages, type of screen, pore size, and the minimum number of screens.

Those choices are then reflected in the design outputs.

As for the Secondary Clarifier calculation update, we’ve improved how the total surface area of secondary clarifiers is defined.

New bar screen sizing logic

We have improved the bar screen sizing logic. Now manual screens are sized by TDG, which makes it more accurate than using sizes coming from the database.

TSS removal efficiency settings and DAF for Primary Treatment

When setting up a new project, users can set TSS removal efficiency on the user interface with a new input field. As usual, a tooltip provides recommended rates depending on the range of the influent TSS concentration. 

Dissolved air flotation (DAF) is a commonly used phase separation system. This unit can be designed as a phase separation unit in municipal or industrial Wastewater Treatment Plants, either in the pre-treatment, or post-treatment section. As the DAF with recycling is more common than the one without, TDG supports only the first. In this configuration, only the recycle fraction is pressurized and then air is injected into the recycle stream. (If you do not have this included in your plan at the moment, please contact your CSM or Sales Representative for more information on adding it to your subscription or contact us directly.)

Hungry for more? See Part 2 for more of the latest updates!

Photo by John Cameron on Unsplash


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