Elemental Excelerator, Transcend, and SUEZ’s Water Technologies & Solutions Collaborate

Demonstration project will seek to improve the speed and efficiency of delivering engineering expertise and innovative treatment technologies to emerging markets

PRINCETON, NJ, June 14, 2021 – Elemental Excelerator, the world’s leading growth-stage accelerator for climate tech companies, and Transcend Software, a provider of automated design solutions for water treatment facilities, announce a commercial demonstration project using digital innovation to bring sustainable water treatment solutions to municipal and industrial water users.

Selected as part of Elemental’s 9th Cohort, Transcend will collaborate with SUEZ’s Water Technologies & Solutions, a world-leading developer of advanced treatment technologies for water and wastewater applications, on the customization and implementation of its Transcend Design Generator (TDG) software. Transcend and SUEZ will test the speed and efficiency in which water and wastewater treatment proposals can be generated through digital automation, improving the speed and volume in which SUEZ can bring sustainable and innovative treatment technologies to the global water sector.

“Transcend’s automated design process levels the playing field for new, competitive technologies by using digital capabilities to generate designs faster with excellent accuracy, which in turn enables essential projects to get off the ground in record time. SUEZ brings a global presence and a portfolio of innovative technologies that can help address water sustainability and provide regions with cost effective and sustainable treatment solutions. The combination of Transcend Software and SUEZ’s global reach and expertise will enable SUEZ to deliver more value to its customers, much faster than can be done with traditional approaches,” says Steve Davis, COO of Transcend.

With a comprehensive set of chemical, equipment and digital enabled services and products, SUEZ’s Water Technologies & Solutions is an established leader providing water technology and process expertise across industries worldwide.

“SUEZ is constantly evaluating new ways to implement digital solutions to advance our portfolio. We believe Transcend’s software has the potential to help us create efficiencies in our proposal efforts in ways that will provide additional value to our customers and to our commercial teams,” said Ralph Exton, Chief Digital Officer at SUEZ’s Water Technologies & Solutions. “The digital capability that comes with this software may be a significant enabler that will allow us to continue to stay ahead of industry needs and bring our technology solutions to those situations where speed is of the essence. We are very excited to begin the demonstration phase and see how it performs.”

Transcend and SUEZ will work together to utilize Transcend’s software to drive the adoption of more sustainable, advanced treatment technologies – delivering better outcomes for communities around the world.

“I assess hundreds of companies applying to join our water sector portfolio every year, and I’ve found the determining factor for success is whether a company provides an equitable, market-driven solution with a strong path to impact and commercialization.” said Kim Baker, Director of Water Innovation at Elemental Excelerator. “Transcend’s work is deeply aligned with Elemental’s mission to redesign the systems at the root of the water sector. The company’s ability to partner meaningfully with leaders like SUEZ with a tremendous global footprint enables water experts to reimagine infrastructure and treatment systems.”


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