Create Preliminary Designs for Drinking Water Facilities with TDG

Users of Transcend will soon be able to generate preliminary designs for Water Treatment Facilities.

The Drinking Water TDG module quickly creates preliminary designs for a variety of facility types throughout the distribution system including well sites, booster stations, and tank sites with several disinfection options available for each facility type.  The TDG provides a quick design for any of those facilities at the push of a few buttons.  As long as you have basic information for system demand in terms of flows and pressure requirements, you can design just about any facility in the network in just several minutes.

Compared to manually designing the various facilities found throughout the distribution system, the TDG allows for significant time savings.  The speed and ease of completing a design in TDG provides the freedom to quickly plan projects at numerous sites in nearly the entire network.  TDG allows users to explore various pumping schemes, storage options, and disinfection boosting to facilitate system-wide master planning efforts.  It just as easily allows a user to explore a wide variety of options at a single site of interest.  Whether for master planning or single site design, the TDG possesses the capabilities to streamline the design process for improved CAPEX & OPEX outcomes.

Drinking Water TDG will automatically size potable storage tanks with or without booster pumps to feed the distribution system.  For booster designs, whether isolated in the network, fed from a tank on site, or feeding a tank on site, the TDG will automatically select the appropriate number, size, and type of pumps with or without VFDs.  Users also have a variety of options to control pump selection for their designs.  For booster stations, the TDG will arrange the pumps in a building designed based on the number and type of pumps complete with an electrical room and optional disinfection room. 

For well facilities, the TDG allows options for separate chlorine contact tanks and booster building or a below grade clearwell for disinfection with above grade pump room using vertical turbine pumps.  For designs incorporating disinfection, the TDG will calculate the appropriate sizing of the disinfection system based on user preference for disinfectant type.  For groundwater sources, the disinfection is sized for pathogen removal and distribution system residual targets.  For inline booster facilities with disinfection, the system is sized to maintain a distribution system target.

The output design packages include:

  • civil drawings for the site and booster station
  • P&ID
  • 3D BIM model
  • electrical load list
  • technical report
  • civil bill of quantities
  • OPEX table

Example: adding a storage tank to your network

Let’s now move into an example of how the Drinking Water TDG works and some of the impressive outcomes it can create for users.  Imagine a scenario where you need to design a storage tank in the network.  We’ll also say this tank site is in a part of the network that’s relatively flat, so maintaining pressure will probably require a tall tank. Lastly, we’ll say the goal for the tank site is to provide flow equalization and that you’ll want to minimize the excess volume to maintain water quality. 

For this scenario, the TDG will ask you for some low and high elevations in the network and what your preferences are for the minimum and maximum pressures you want to maintain for customers.  Then it will ask you a few questions about how you want to minimize volumes to control water quality.  When you click “run design”, TDG will evaluate all of those considerations to design your tank site. If the pressure ranges were to result in a tank that is too tall from a maintenance standpoint based on engineering best practices, TDG would then provide you with a more manageable ground storage tank and automatically design a booster station to maintain the pressures you desire in the network. 

For this scenario, TDG takes some of the more iterative work out of the design to help make an effective decision about how to structure the site.  In this case, TDG is also serving as a great companion to any available hydraulic modeling information.  If a booster station wasn’t desired at the site and TDG is recommending one, you can evaluate other alternatives including other locations.

There are numerous other ways the TDG marries design rules and engineering best practices to quickly create complete design packages, learn how and when to get access.

How to ensure you’ll get access right away to the drinking water module

If you have Drinking Water enabled, after logging in, you’ll be able to click on the vertical selector, pick Drinking Water Dashboard and start using it.

If you haven’t yet enquired about including the Drinking Water module in your subscription or you have any questions, kindly reach out to your Customer Success Manager (CSM) or Sales Representative for further details on adding it to your subscription. Alternatively, you can email us at for assistance.

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