Coalition of Generative Design Technology Leaders Publish First of Its Kind Report Highlighting Impact of Generative Design on Climate Change

New report explores how the application of generative design and AI for a wide variety of projects is solving critical infrastructure challenges in the face of climate change

PRINCETON, N.J.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–A collective of more than 20 generative design technology leaders including TranscendAugmentaTestFit, and Autodesk, are featured in the release of the first ever 2024 Annual Report: The State of Generative Design for Critical Infrastructure.

The report is an informative look at the current state of generative design adoption in critical infrastructure industries, including housing, transportation, water, energy, and more.

“As our past performance has clearly shown, the traditional ways of planning and designing critical infrastructure are simply not going to succeed in the new era of climate change, rapidly evolving regulation, land constraints, and crumbling infrastructure. There’s too much work to be done and not enough talent to do it. It requires technology like generative design to fill the gap so we can effectively and affordably construct foundational critical infrastructure systems,” said Ari Raivetz, CEO and co-founder, Transcend. “Generative design software has played, and will continue to play, a pivotal role in effectively addressing the most complex infrastructure challenges, ultimately reshaping entire urban landscapes and creating resilient cities of the future.”

Only recently has generative design hit the ‘mainstream’ in critical infrastructure project conversations – and even then, many industries are not yet adequately served by existing solutions. However, even with limited availability, the emerging importance of generative design in infrastructure development is clear, with various companies already making a significant impact in projects around the world, many of which are highlighted in the report

The 2024 Annual Report explores:

  • A market analysis on the factors forcing the industry to reconsider why design done the traditional way will no longer work, and the practical applications of generative design in designing, constructing, and operating our built world.
  • A landscape of generative design companies solving challenges in specific industry verticals like water, power, transportation, housing, and more – as well as the project phases they are best applied in.
  • The advantages of proactively measuring the total number of projects that use generative design in the planning phase as a leading indicator of project success.
  • A call to action for Utility and AEC companies to adopt these technologies, recommending KPIs by which they can measure the success of using generative design within their organizations.

“It’s imperative that the industry players designing, constructing, and managing our built environment understand the driving factors behind why they must evolve with these emerging technologies,” said Theo Agelopoulos, vice president of AEC Design Strategy, Autodesk. “We’re in an age where software can help design a sustainable, resilient future, and companies adopting generative design to their workflows are proof of its substantial impact on efficiency and output.”

To view the full report, visit

About the Collective of Generative Design Industry Leaders

The report was produced using public and private information from a coalition of more than 20 generative design technology leaders, including Engineering News-Record, Autodesk, X35Media, Hypar, Environmental Finance Consulting Group, Urbio, Charlie Hocking, Kim Baker, Elemental Excelerator, National Grid, ALICE Technologies, Costain Group, Montgomery County’s Department of Transportation, Remix, PVcase, Iberica Solar, Aligned Data Centers, Larsen & Toubro, Cadence Data Center, RBA Architects, Epcon Communities, Higharc, Asian Development Bank, NY Department of Environmental Protection, and Intep.

About Transcend

Transcend playing a founding role in putting together the coalition and publishing the report. Transcend is a leading Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) company, developing generative design engineering tools for the global engineering, construction, technology/OEM, and utility sectors. Their revolutionary platform, the Transcend Design Generator (TDG), integrates various engineering design disciplines into a hosted cloud-based software, enabling users to input data and automatically generate complete preliminary engineering designs for a wide range of critical infrastructure projects and vertical assets. For more information, visit


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