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Devops engineer


Are you ready for the challenge?



Come and contribute to Transcend’s mission to transform the way engineering firms, utilities, and technology suppliers assess and design critical infrastructure!

​If you are a DevOps Engineer that wants to contribute to developing the Transcend Design Generator which is the only software on the market that can fully automate the preliminary design of a water facility, read on!
We put an extraordinary amount of effort and expertise into building the best automation platform.

​Your responsibilities will include:

  • Assist with the deployment, monitoring, and maintenance of the company’s development and production environments.
  • Set up and maintain continuous integration and delivery pipelines, Collaborate with the development team to ensure smooth and efficient deployments.
  • Assist with the management of cloud resources, including Amazon Web Services (AWS), participate in incident response and post-mortem analysis to identify and prevent future issues.
  • Engage in self-development activities to expand knowledge and skills, and help others grow their skills as well by helping them.
  • Help design and implement infrastructure as code (IaC) solutions using tools Terraform, work on automating various processes to increase efficiency and reduce manual effort.

​We would love to hear from YOU, if you have:

  • Have experience with AWS Cloud solutions
  • Worked with IaC, and if it was Terraform, it is even better
  • Have good communication skills
  • If you already used Azure DevOps, it is a plus

Where you’ll be doing it:

This position is a remote position with flexibility to work from anywhere in Europe. Similarly, the people you will be working with are from all over Europe, North America and even in Africa. Since the major hub is in Europe, we prefer a Europe remote person, but if you are open to the same time zones, we will never say no to you.

We need you in our team if you have the following competencies:

  • Communication: be able to translate business and process / architectural / mechanical engineering needs to designs and solutions
  • Ability to live in a customer-focused start-up world where priorities shift based on customer feedback
  • Reliability: get the work done and be there for others to do the same
  • Solution-focused: the ability to work through complex problems by maintaining focus on the purpose of the task
  • Confidence to take decisions in situations when there is not enough information is available
  • Humility in admitting being wrong and learning from it

If you think you are a fit for Transcend and for this position please send your resume to the following e-mail address: job.hungary@transcendinfra.com

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If you think you are a fit for Transcend and for this position please send your resume

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