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Who are we?

Transcend is disrupting the Engineering and Construction industry. Design Generator, Transcend’s first of its kind software, enables the companies that design our global infrastructure to automate Design & Engineering work that is currently done manually. There is over 400 billion dollars spent on engineering each year, and the process of developing projects has not changed in decades. These companies are critical to our future, as they design our water, power, roads, and other core infrastructure. Due to their archaic processes, they are not innovating fast enough to impact our environment and help solve Climate Change. Over the last 10 years Transcend has developed and implemented a cloud-based software that completely changes the traditional process and transforms the culture of these engineering and construction firms around the world. The company has offices in Hungary and the USA.

Why Transcend?

Our software and engineering teams work in the office to make sure that collaboration and teamwork can be achieved. They utilize the best practices of AGILE to align priorities and execute on software development. Transcend is backed by leading US, European, and Chinese private equity investors, along with the International Finance Corporation (IFC), the private-equity arm of the World Bank Group, and Vespucci Partners, a Hungarian-based Private Equity firm.

We are an Equal Opportunity Employer.

We are looking for top talent with high great ideas to join our expanding team and support our vision & growth. Our customers include many of the global top 10 engineering and construction firms.

Grow with us and join the outstanding team at our office in Budapest, Hungary, as a Chief of Staff, Product reporting to the VP – Product.

Role Summary:

  • Serve as strategic advisor to VP of Product, streamlining operations, ensuring all tasks are completed on time, and enhancing communications between Product, Delivery, and the GTM Team 
  • Lead major projects and initiatives such as quarterly roadmap planning, end-to-end feature launches, or other projects that ensure alignment with company objectives 
  • Maintains a focus on quality, customer satisfaction and continuous improvement 

Your responsibilities will include:

  • Strategic Advisory: Act as key advisor to the VP of Product, aiding in strategic decision-making, operational planning, and making presentation/reports across differently levels of the organization 
  • Operational Excellence: Manage and enhance day-to-day operations of P&D organizations, focusing on workflow efficiency, efficient resource allocation, and process optimization 
  • Talent & Team Development: Support the recruiting process, and provide mentorship and training/upskilling suggestions to team members, fostering a culture of innovation and professional growth  
  • Product Roadmap Development: Collaborate  – and when necessary assume leadership – of in formulating and executing the product roadmap, ensuring alignment with the company’s strategic goals and market trends 
  • Cross-functional Coordination: Facilitate effective communication and project collaboration between Product, Engineering, Marketing, Sales and other relevant departments 
  • Data-driven Oversight: Oversee the collection, analysis and reporting of key performance metrics to inform strategic decisions and improve product offerings 

Role Impact:

  • Operational Efficiency & Team Development: Enhanced team performance, reduced operational bottlenecks, and increased employee satisfaction and retention. This is reflected in improved workflow efficiency and process optimization, team productivity metrics and internal surveys. 
  • Effective Product Planning: Timely delivery of product features, increased market relevance and improved customer satisfaction. This is reflected in alignment of roadmap with company vision and goals, evaluated through roadmap adherence and milestone achievements. 
  • Product Marketing Excellence: Improved market penetration, enhanced brand perception and increased sales leads. This is reflected measured by the success of go-to-market strategies and product launches. 
  • High-quality Product Execution: Improved product performance, enhanced customer experience, and increased product adoption. This is reflected in product quality metrics, including user experience scores and defect rates. 
  • Customer Support / SLA Adherence: High levels of customer satisfaction, reduced customer churn, and enhanced company in-market reputation. This is reflected in compliance with internal and external SLAs, and monitored through customer feedback and SLA breach incidents. 
  • Communication & Stakeholder Alignment: Improved cross-functional collaboration, streamlined decision-making processes and enhanced organizational alignment. This is reflected through quality of and effectiveness of communication across teams, assessed through stakeholder feedback and project success rates. 
  • Backlog Management and Roadmap Communication: Strategic feature prioritization, timely product updates, and clear stakeholder expectations. This is reflected through efficiency in managing product backlog and clarity in roadmap communications, evaluated through roadmap updates and feature delivery timelines. 
  • Strategic Contribution & Data-driven Decision Making: Informed decision-making process, strategic direction alignment and improved business outcomes. This is reflected in accuracy and timeliness of strategic metrics and financial data updates, evaluated through data accuracy and decision impact analysis.  

Key Qualifications:

  • Highly Motivated and Ambitious: Seeking candidates with a demonstrated drive to achieve goals and a strong desire for career advancement in the field of software product management. 
  • Competitive Nature: Looking for individuals who excel in competitive environments, particularly within the fast-paced tech industry. 
  • Strong Leadership Skills: Essential leadership qualities are needed, including decisiveness, assertiveness, and the ability to lead and manage software development teams effectively. 
  • Excellent Time Management: Candidates must be proficient in managing their time, balancing multiple software projects, and meeting tight deadlines. 
  • Detail-Oriented: Require individuals who are meticulous in managing software project details and specifications. 
  • High Stress Tolerance: The role demands someone who can maintain high performance under the stress of managing complex software projects. 
  • Proactive Problem-Solving: Seeking proactive individuals in identifying and resolving issues that arise in software development and product management. 
  • Exceptional Organizational Skills: Candidates must possess superior organizational skills, essential for managing multiple aspects of software projects. 
  • Effective Communication Skills: Strong verbal and written communication skills are crucial for articulating project goals, updates, and collaborating with cross-functional teams. 
  • Result-Oriented: Focused on achieving tangible results in software product development and management. 
  • Adaptability: Candidates should be adaptable, able to navigate the dynamic nature of the tech industry and evolving software projects. 

Role Notes:

  • Potential Career Path & Development: 
    • Starting as CoS, there is potential for progression into senior leadership roles within the Company 
    • Opportunities for cross-functional leadership and contribution to strategic company initiatives. 

Location: remote work

If you think you are a fit for Transcend and for this position please send your resume to the following e-mail address: job.hungary@transcendinfra.com

For more information about our company visit: https://www.transcendinfra.com

Please, read our Privacy Statement under this link: https://www.transcendinfra.com/privacy-statement/


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If you think you are a fit for Transcend and for this position please send your resume

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    We are looking for top talent with great ideas to join our expanding team.

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